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For Patients

The Leg Coach® is an essential component in your rehabilitation process whether you are recovering from joint replacement surgery, managing low back pain, or working to improve your flexibility.  The Leg Coach® encompasses your foot and provides incremental hand grips allowing use of both arms to confidently complete prescribed motions and stretches of the affected leg.  There are no worries of your foot slipping off the Leg Coach® as is often reported with gait belts, sheets, and other traditionally prescribed methods.  This results in more consistent performance and a faster desired outcome.  Contact us at with any questions you may have.

Knee Stretching and Range of Motion

As a vital part of your knee rehab, the Leg Coach® is an excellent device for stretching and helping to actively move (active assisted range of motion) the joint after knee replacement surgery.  Users prefer the Leg Coach® over traditional methods (ie use of a gait belt or sheet) because there is no worry of the foot slipping off the device, the laddered grips provide leverage for the upper body to assist with motion/stretching, and motion/stretching is under your control; an appreciated feature when moving a painful leg.  Whether your therapy visits are limited, you have a high co-pay, or you simply want to hasten your recovery, the Leg Coach® is an investment in your return to normal activity by facilitating independent therapy quality stretching and motion.

Photo of a client stretching his knee with the Leg Coach®
Video of Knee Stretch


Hamstring Stretching

Shortened hamstring length is a common characteristic associated with abnormalities in gait and posture, low back pain, sciatica, and many other lower body dysfunctions.  The Leg Coach® is an effective tool for self-stretching the hamstrings.  Hamstring stretching in the supine position stabilizes your pelvis and lumbar spine, which facilitates a pure hamstring stretch while protecting low back structures.  The supine position also provides a safe stretching position if you have compromised balance in the standing position.

Photo of a client using the Leg Coach® for a hamstring stretch
Video of Hamstring Stretch


Hip Stretching and Range of Motion

After hip replacement surgery, hip fracture, and other traumas to the hip, your physician and therapist will prescribe stretching and motion exercises when indicated.  The Leg Coach® provides a means for your upper body to effectively assist your affected hip with these tasks.  The Leg Coach® facilitates therapy-quality motion and stretching in your own home and is an essential component to the rehabilitation process.  Caution: Be sure to follow any and all precautions prescribed by your physician or therapist.  See this link to hip precautions, a common set of precautions prescribed after total hip replacement.  Your individual circumstances may vary so consult your physician prior to using the Leg Coach®.

Photo of a client using the Leg Coach® for a hip stretch
Video of Hip Stretch


Leg Lifter

Use the Leg Coach® to to safely and confidently assist your compromised leg during transitions such as moving from sitting to laying down and getting into a vehicle.  Users prefer the Leg Coach® to traditional leg lifting devices because both arms compensate for the weak leg and there are no worries about the foot slipping of the device.

Photo of a client using the Leg Coach® as a leg lifter
Video of Leg Lifter


Sports/Fitness/Health and Well-Being

Flexibility is crucial for maximum muscular function whether you are a competing athlete or staying active for the health of it.  Tight hamstring musculature is a common condition for many and the Leg Coach® is an effective tool for self-stretching the hamstrings for performance enhancement and injury prevention. 
The Leg Coach® holds several advantages over traditional hamstring stretching methods.  Stretching in the laying down position stabilizes the pelvis and lumbar spine, which facilitates a more pure hamstring stretch while protecting low back structures.  The laying down position also eliminates the need to maintain balance, which can make it more difficult to relax into a stretch. 

“The Leg Coach® allowed me to make a lot of progress between therapy sessions with my knee flexion.”
-Ray, bilateral total knee replacement client

“The Leg Coach® had much better grips and I didn’t worry about my foot slipping compared to using a gait belt”
-Joanne N., total knee replacement client

“My patients prefer the Leg Coach® because it gives them the ability to control and grade their own stretches.  I always see greater progress made between PT treatments when the Leg Coach® is part of the home exercise routine.”
-Connie E., Physical Therapist

“The Leg Coach® increases my knee and hip patient’s home exercise compliance and facilitates goal completion in fewer visits.”
-Monica L., Physical Therapy Assistant