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About Us

With 40 years of combined therapy experience, physical therapist Kristie Leverenz and occupational therapist Mark Leverenz co-created the Leg Coach® to fill a need for a simple yet effective self-stretching and motion aide for patients in their clinic.  The original goal of the Leg Coach® was to facilitate therapist-quality self-stretching by patients rehabilitating after total knee replacement.  However, the Leg Coach® soon became an essential tool for those recovering from a variety of deficits related to the lower body and received consistently positive feedback from patients and therapists.  The Leg Coach® is currently patent pending.

“The Leg Coach® allowed me to make a lot of progress between therapy sessions with my knee flexion.”
-Ray, bilateral total knee replacement client

“The Leg Coach® had much better grips and I didn’t worry about my foot slipping compared to using a gait belt”
-Joanne N., total knee replacement client

“My patients prefer the Leg Coach® because it gives them the ability to control and grade their own stretches.  I always see greater progress made between PT treatments when the Leg Coach® is part of the home exercise routine.”
-Connie E., Physical Therapist

“The Leg Coach® increases my knee and hip patient’s home exercise compliance and facilitates goal completion in fewer visits.”
-Monica L., Physical Therapy Assistant