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Introducing The Leg Coach®

The Leg Coach® is a lower extremity stretching and motion aide. The Leg Coach® allows users to stretch their lower extremity without the assistance of another person and was original designed for those rehabilitating after total knee replacement surgery. However, the device is applicable to any scenario where one can benefit from upper body assistance with motion, positioning, or stretching of a lower extremity..

Created by professionals for professionals and their clients.

With 40 years of combined therapy experience, physical therapist Kristie Leverenz and occupational therapist Mark Leverenz co-created the Leg Coach® to fill a need for a simple yet effective self-stretching device to facilitate therapist-like stretching by users.  Payer source trends for therapy services are trending toward cost-containment resulting in fewer visits and higher co-pays, shifting more responsibility from therapists to clients in regards to therapeutic interventions.  There is currently no other device with all the characteristics of the Leg Coach® in the marketplace.

Informal clinical trials have discovered that the Leg Coach® is preferred by users and therapists over other traditional options that aide with stretching.  Users report the Leg Coach® provides increased control over their lower extremity with less effort.  For users with a painful lower extremity, such as after total knee replacement, the hypothesis is that the efficiency and user control inhibits protective responses that can be counterproductive to therapeutic goals.

“The Leg Coach® allowed me to make a lot of progress between therapy sessions with my knee flexion.”
-Ray, bilateral total knee replacement client

“The Leg Coach® had much better grips and I didn’t worry about my foot slipping compared to using a gait belt”
-Joanne N., total knee replacement client

“My patients prefer the Leg Coach® because it gives them the ability to control and grade their own stretches.  I always see greater progress made between PT treatments when the Leg Coach® is part of the home exercise routine.”
-Connie E., Physical Therapist

“The Leg Coach® increases my knee and hip patient’s home exercise compliance and facilitates goal completion in fewer visits.”
-Monica L., Physical Therapy Assistant